About Our Club

Bellbury Tennis Club is located at 55 Van Horne Avenue – between Leslie and Don Mills – and has been serving the Willowdale area for over 35 Years! We are nestled on 4.1 hectares of picturesque parkland filled with amenities such as a brand new water feature (splash pad), multiple playgrounds, a basketball court, captivating greenspace and a calisthenics gym; so there is something for everyone! 

Bellbury Club Facilities

The club’s main entrance is adjacent to a 25 car parking lot, which is convenient for members and park-goers alike. Our facility includes 5 premium epoxy surface courts (one with divider) all lined with windscreens, new flood lamps and fencing, a practice wall with the same epoxy surface, a clubhouse, operational washrooms, and multiple picnic tables and benches to wind-down after a long match!  

Board Of Directors

  • Raphael Leong – President 
  • Habib Toosi – Vice President 
  • Alex Todorovic – Director 
  • Carolyn Huang – Director 
  • Yuri Karavardanyan – Club Pro

Raphael Leong President

Habib Toossi Vice President

Yuri Karavardanyan Club Pro

Alex Todorovic Director

Carolyn Huang