Hello Bellbury family,

We are just around the corner from opening day and we are extremely excited to welcome everyone back.  As you have probably noticed, volunteers have been working tirelessly to build and create a new website – the incredible hard work of Habib Toossi and Alex Todorovic has resulted in the 2021 launch of – We are now accepting membership registrations, but please hurry and pre-register on the website to confirm your spot (Each individual must register separately).  We are once again capping/limiting our memberships to comply with COVID health measures and to allow a safe return to play.  The rules posted last season will remain in effect for the 2021 season.  Please familiarize yourselves with the rules prior to joining.  Habib and I will be at the clubhouse this Saturday April 3, 2021 from 10:00am – 12:00pm to accept pre-registrations (Don’t worry if you cannot make it this weekend we can make alternate arrangements).  We will not be accepting cash payment, only cheque (made out to Bellbury Tennis Club) or e-transfer (arrangements to be made ahead of time). 

See you all soon,

NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Photographs & Membership tags

  • *All membership issued are non-refundable*

  • All new and returning members will be required to have a (Headshot) photograph taken.

  • Individually numbered membership tags will be issued to each new and returning member (Adult and Junior).

  • All membership tags issued belong to “Bellbury Community Tennis Club (known as BTC)”.

  • Memberships Tags are non-transferable and must be kept by each member safely.

  • Membership Tags will be renewed annually.

  • Any membership tags lost or stolen will be subject to a $10 replacement fee at the registered member’s expense.

  • Any member found in violation of any rules will have their membership terminated immediately.


Daniel TIVIG who is one of Yuri KARAVARDAMNYA’S students has been a young tennis star since beginning tennis as a young sprout.  He has amassed 8 first-place finishes in various OTA sanctioned events as a youth under 9, 10 and now 12.  He is our new generation of rising tennis stars as a result of our commitment to grassroots tennis.  Join us in congratulating this youngster for his dedication and commitment to the game and to his parents for providing the opportunity and support to Daniel. 

Daniel, for the love of the game…be focused and have fun!