Alex Todorovic


Hi Everyone! Sports have always been a major focus in my life, from competing in the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) for over 8 years, mountain biking, rock climbing and basically anything that involves a racquet or ball. But no sport has captivated my interest as much as tennis has. I have played for over 15 years and was coached by my father who is also a formidable player at the club! 

I’ve lived in the Don Valley neighbourhood for over 20 years, and it’s for this reason that I enjoy volunteering my time to give back to the club and community by helping coordinate the Bellbury Tennis facility. 

I am excited for everything we have planned for the new tennis season, and look forward to seeing all of the new and returning members on the opposite side of the court! Feel free to contact me for any club inquires, stringing services or to set up a quick set or two!