Carolyn Huang


 I got to know Tennis when my son turned 6 years old, and my husband’s badminton coach told us we could start considering choosing a sport for our son. We finally decided to choose Tennis as it is a great outdoor sport even though none of my husband and I know how to play tennis at that time. I used to play badminton and won double and mix double champions before graduation from University. I found in sports which kids can learn discipline and how to deal with failure and success at their earlier age. It took me some time to figure out a good Tennis facility and the best programs and coaches in Ontario. I started 8 years journey with my son in high-performance training and participated some OTA tournaments. It is fun and also struggled. When I go back to see these past 10 years, I am still grateful to know many good coaches in Ontario from level 1 to level 4 who helped my son to really develop his tennis skills and gave him a lot of advice which help to build up his character. I started playing tennis at Bellbury Tennis Club since 2017. Immediately I enjoyed playing in this friendly community club with some long-time members here and also, I can still play with some of my old friends and get to know more new members.

At Bellbury Tennis club, I am very happy to involve in such a strong club board and respect the president, vice president and other directors from Bellbury in the past who have spent so much time and energy to volunteer and maintain a great social club and try to fulfill members requests in many ways.I look forward to meet each of member on court this summer. I am also happy to provide affordable racquet stringing services to any level players!  

For stringing request, please contact me via email: