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I would like to welcome everyone back to a promising and exciting 2015 season.  As you may or may not be aware Bellbury Community Tennis Club through public funding has been slated for re-surfacing with an asphalt only and a lighting make-over this summer.  Fortunately, the construction date has been postponed until after Labour Day.  Your Board is very excited over this decision by the City so as to not interfere with the start and conclusion of our tennis season.  The Board and I through public and private funding have been working diligently to find creative measures to help build a support network of coaches, programs and partnerships to help create a premier facility.  Your help in sponsorship will not only enable our club to resemble that of a first class public facility but it will also help promote the game that has been named “a sport for life” .  Please join us in the coming weeks as we launch a number of fundraising initiatives to help ensure that proper funding is present to re-surface our Tennis Courts properly.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the Courts and it will not be long before we are all beset by the blazing sun.

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